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Quality Reproduction Parts from an Enthusiast since 1973

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Gene Smith Quality Reproduction Corvette Parts has been manufacturing reproduction Chevrolet parts longer than anyone else. Our reproduction Corvette parts are now available online.

All of our parts are made in America, most right here in Southern California. We generally only sell what we make, the only exception being items like tail light lenses, which are manufactured by TrimParts in Ohio.

We have been the manufacturer of the early Corvette taillights since 1993. We are always striving to make the best possible parts.

Classic Corvette Parts

While we are the only manufacturer of these taillights, over the last couple of years we have modified the original tooling for the 56-57 taillights to further improve the casting, resulting in even better chrome plating.

Recently we acquired Ivan Bailey's tooling for air cleaners (and some other items). Anyone that knows the name Ivan Bailey, knows that Ivan, of Skunkworks and early Corvette fame, builds the best possible tooling. His air cleaners, the louvers, the detail, the shine, are the best possible reproduction parts ever. Also made in America (of course!) these air cleaners are the perfect detail for your Corvette, and are now going to be available online.

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